Worthing Saga

Having finished the book, I can sum up my reaction in one word:


or in two words:

MORE, Please.

I think there's still a huge amount of stories that can be told about Worthing World and I for one will be all too eager to read them.

The book is composed of 3 "chapters"; Worthing Chronicles, Tales of Capitol, and Tales from the Forest of Waters. There are inconsistencies between Chap1 and Chap3 but they don't detract from the overall theme of the individual stories.

Overall, the book is standard sci-fi fare... you have psi powers, galactic empires, a pseudo immortality through technology, etc. Yet a large part of the book concerns a society barely out of the medieval stage; Only in Chap2 is high technology found and even there it's the characters that drive the plot. The book almost feels like a fantasy and not sci-fi the same way that the Pern series does, a style that I love.


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