C.B. Anonymous

Hello everyone, call me Figs. I am a CB addict. It's been 4 days since my last fix.

I affirm that I have a problem.
I understand that the first steps in stopping my addiction is understanding and admitting that I have a problem.

At first it was only a casual thing. Me and my friends would have CBs once a week. Once a week became every 3 days, then everyday, till I was having it twice a day. More than anything it was the taste that I craved....that salty sweet taste with a slight tangy bite. And the overwhelming aftertaste that you can lick from your lips and the roof of your mouth.

But that is behind me now. No more will I fall into it's evil clutches. The last few days have been hard; the craving hits unexpectedly. But I have tried and am trying to sublimate the craving. I read, I keep a journal, I chew gum and suck on hard candies...anything to keep my mind of it.

And I feel that I am succeeding. I know that I am succeeding. I will beat and am going to beat this addiction.

My name is Figs and it's been 4 days since I last had a Cheeseburger.


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