Finally finished with this tome. Somebody told me it was a good read and she was absotutely correct. I would have happily kept on reading... except it ended.

Have any of you ever tried reading while constantly trying to sneak a peak at the next few sentences just to know what's going to happen next?

And then seeing a word that suddenly makes the sentence you're currently reading make perfect sense only to get to that word then seeing another word right at the periphery of your vision about 3 or 5 sentences away that has absolutely no connection to and blows the current makes-sense-of-the-whole-paragraph-word seem suddenly irrelevant?


Then read this book... but be prepared for some major eye strain. By the end, my eyes and my brain were locked in a pretty fierce race trying to out read each other.

Humor? ... let's just say that I've personally discovered that reading something in public that looks like a bible while emitting a sound that sounds suspiciously like constant chuckling (or a chicken being slowly strangled) is evidently frowned upon in some places. The public (especially mother types with children and granny types) also does not appreciate when you close said bible-looking-book to savour a choice line while grinning for apparently (to them) no reason.

Memorable quotes and phrases
....fogedaboudit. There's too darned many of them.

The perfect companion: as I've said before; Monty Python. Just don't make the same mistake I did and tried reading this while going on a Monty Python marathon...It'll wrong your brain in so many ways.





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