I nominate...

Bayani Fernando for a Darwin Award. I know that there are some requisites for the award but, heck there's nobody more deserving than Mr. Fernando, and to that end I would gladly like to be the one to assist in making him eligible.

Right now I just saw a news flash about his beloved MMDA tearing up trees along Katipunan. One of his goons claimed that "they were not killing the trees just facilitating their transfer to another area"
.... Yeah right

And that "we have specialized equipment to transport the trees unharmed and safely"

.... "equipment" looking suspiciously like chainsaws and axes and "transport" looking convincingly like dumping-them-on-the-backs-of-trucks-headed-for-the-nearest-landfill.

Enough of that fungus-faced, black arm-pitted, acne besieged, genetically flawed, pie bald, vertically challenged, race disgracing, pin headed, brain numbingly stupid, hamster sired, nit witted, I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION! individual.


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