Worthing Saga

Not finished yet with this Orson Scott Card book. Actually I just finished Waking the Children, the 6th story in the Worthing chronicle.

As far as it goes.... Lared is writing the story of Jason Worthing. Simple enough, but this is sci-fi so simplicity won't cut it for long.

Jason Worthing is the name of God for Lared's people and as far as I have gone in my reading, I think I can guess how that came to be. Prominent in Jason's story is somec which I am guessing is a substance used to induce Sleep. Sleep in this context is a state of hibernation which the people used to cheat death; waking for a span of time then returning to sleep thus prolonging the actual years of their existence. Jason is a Swipe, a limited telepath. Limited in a sense because he can pick up people's thoughts and memories but can't project his own. He is accompanied by a girl named Justice, a full telepath... I think.

Another character, and the one I find most interesting, is Abner Doon. To Lared's people he is the Devil to Jason's God. His viewpoint is one I have previously encountered in my reading.
To sum: The world needs change. Only through entropy / chaos is there any progress.

First time I encountered this idea is through Dune, which I read when I was Gr. 6. In Dune this is expressed thus; ' the clear, safe course that leads ever downward into stagnation.' I've thought on it since then and I must express my affirmation for this principle. In this view the actions of Abner Doon was better for mankind as a whole.


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