A collection of short stories about precisely what the cover says...Men Hunting Things.

Nice collection.

I was a bit put off by the cover, though. What is that thing?

Now, after reading the book I found no creature in any of the stories that vaguely looks like it....except one.

The puudly.

Now notice that Mr. Simak never did elaborate on what the puudly looks like, he just mentions that it buds to reproduce. Could this thing on the cover be the puudly budding?
Then why the difference in the heads?
As you can see one is distinctly feline the other reptilian.

Normally, I don't care that much about a book's cover. But the puudly has a especial significance for me. I first read "Good Night, Mr. James" when I was 8 or so. To my young mind I always imagined it to be vaguely anthropoid with wicked talons growing directly from it's hands...kind like a sloth's claws. The budding part had me thinking about plants, and thus my puudly must be green... actually my puudly looks like an anthropoidal arrangement of....err.... cucumbers. Don't laugh, I was 8.

My puudly is way cooler than that picture. It just is.

Anyway, great collection.


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