Reading Experiment

It is now the end of February, for the past month I have been conducting an experiment on meself.

Premise: I am more than capable of existing without reading science fiction
Procedure: Limit my reading to anything not science fiction
Conclusion: Failure to thrive.

That's right, objective observation reveals that I get to a right foul mood without my esef. Now that may be fun on occasion (especially directed against certain individuals of my acquaintance) but nastiness like the one I've been generating may just eventually get me tarred and feathered ( good thing said individuals have no clue where to procure a suitable amount of said pyrolytic wood product for derisive decorating purposes)

Result: I'm going back to esef.

It's my niche and I fully intend to entrench myself in matter how many bad science fiction books there are.

That being said, I'm not going to attempt to read only science fiction...that route leads to madness, and I should know.


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