From Mudania

I have recently been on a trip (something quite out of character for me) and the experience has been an eye opener in more ways than one.

Point: time really does accomplish a lot of things: a childhood fear of mine has been misted over to an extent that I needed only one recital of the Litany Against Fear to get me sanely by. Genuine enjoyment followed.

Point: when one decides to go should go all the way and get a dorky hat too. Then people really do start giving you the "oh my, what a dork" look.

Point: I'll never be a complete urbanite...something which I am sincerely grateful for. Awesomeness still leaves me in awe, futile bravery and heroism still moves me to silence and introspection, my thoughts still grind on without a wall of cynicism (when I want to). I still wonder.

Point: A sunrise should always be greeted with a hush and reverence or not at all.

Point: The sea has an amazing capacity to tell stories...all we need is to listen.

Point: Good times really do keep rolling on...who would've figured.


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